Anja Stojanovic og Nino Felbab

Anja Stojanovic, klaver og Nino Felbab, klarinett


  • Søndag 2. mars 2014
  • 14.00
  • Den Norske Opera & Ballett, Operabalkongen
  • Kr 50
Bestill billett


Anja Stojanovic (piano)

Nino Felbab (clarinet)

Joon Ho Shim (cello)



Violin Sonata a minor op.105 (arr.for clarinet and piano)

Drei Romanzen op.94



Trio for Piano, Clarinet and cello op.114


Nino and Anja perform as a duo for several years and after playing great number of pieces originally written for clarinet and piano, they decided to expend their interests and experiment with the music written for other instruments. Audience will have opportunity to hear Schumann’s 3 romances, originally written for oboe and piano, and maybe even more interesting Schumann’s violin sonata, which cannot be often heard in this arrangement. ( F.Benda)

Second part of the concert is dedicated to the famous clarinet trio by J.Brahms. This rather special piece initiated and inspired collaboration with cellist Joon-Ho Shim. Recently established ensemble already had a success, winning 3rd prize on the chamber music competition led by Norges Musikkhøgskole.

 This concert is first in the series of performances promoting this trio.