Åpen workshop om øving med Erja Joukamo-Ampuja

Workshopen er en del av messingforum, men er åpen for alle studenter og lærere som er interessert.

  • Mandag 27. mars 2017
  • 15.00
  • Levinsalen


Erja Joukamo-Ampuja: Balance your Practicing

Lecture/workshop about Motivation, Productivity, Focus, Creativity, Practicing time, Planning, Health and Wellbeing and Learning new Practicing Techniques.

Abstract: Today we need virtuoso and versatile musicians and the competition is getting harder than ever for permanent jobs in an orchestra or at a teaching institution. It seems that when we train musicians to have more mental strength and to be more creative with their practicing skills as well as taking care of their wellbeing it helps them to be more free and personal in their playing and assists them to survive better and be healthier during their careers.

altErja Joukamo-Ampuja is a horn player and a teacher in Sibelius Academy. She has a long experience as an orchestral musician (Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra 1984-2001), chamber musician,  soloist and is now a full time senior lecturer in horn, improvisation and musicians’ wellbeing at the Sibelius Academy (2000-). She has been teaching mental and physical practicing and improvisation for classical musicians alongside my regular horn teaching. She has been working in the field of Music Medicine since the year 2000, doing research and developing new courses for musicians. She has done this together with doctors specialised in Music Medicine in relation to practicing and preventing injuries. She has been active in creating new ways of teaching classical musicians, because she believes in a ”wider perspective” for musicians’ training. It seems to give musicians better tools in the long run to help their careers.

Abstract, bio og foto hentet fra www.uniarts.fi