Come, some music! Come, the recorders


Musikkhøgskolens blokkfløyteensemble, ledet av professor Hans Olav Gorset

  • Lørdag 22. mars 2014
  • 17.00
  • St.Edmunds kirke
  • 50 (gratis for stud og ansatte ved NMH)


Performed by the recorder ensemble from The Norwegian Academy of Music, Oslo, directed by professor Hans Olav Gorset: Mailis Najdorf, Kristin Janset, Linnea Haug, and Frederik Aakre.


Anthony Holborne: 2 Fantasias

Anthony Holborne: Pavane: The Funerals, Galliard, Galliard, Galliard

Anon (Scotland, c. 1545): O lusty May and Depairte, depairte 

Jean Jaques Hotteterre: Premiere Suitte de Pieces a deux Dessus:
Duo, Allemande, Rondeau, Gigue

Henry Purcell: Two on One upon a Ground and Three Parts upon a Ground

Thomas Morley: Deep lamenting

Anthony Holborne: Pavane: Posthuma, Galliard, Almaine: The Honie-suckle, Galliard: The Fairie-round



“Come, some music! Come, the recorders!”
commands Hamlet in Shakespeares well-known drama.

The recorder was a beloved and important instrument in the renaissance, maybe especially in England: The inventory after King Henry VIII listed 50 recorders. Today’s program presents music from the renaissance and baroque by the finest English composers: Antony Holborne, Thomas Morley, and Henry Purcell. A couple of Scottish songs are thrown in for measure. There will also be a duet by the French composer and woodwind virtuoso Jean Jacques Hotteterre, who belonged to a great family of musicians associated with the Grande Ecurie, who supplied ceremonial and recreational music for the “Sun King” and his court in Versailles.