Double Solo: John Andrew Wilhite & Kim Myhr


  • Lørdag 29. april 2017
  • 17.00
  • Lindemansalen


In recent years, Kim Myhr has been one of the leading voices on the experimental scene in Norway as both a composer and a guitarist. Kim completed his Master degree at NMH in 2014. In March 2014, he released the critically acclaimed solo record «All Your Limbs Singing» (SOFA); an orchestral exploration of the 12-string guitar sounding like something in between American folk strumming and 60s avant-garde soundmass orchestral music. The WIRE called it "a delirious love letter to the 12-string guitar". In 2016 he released BLOOM, taking the music in a new and more electronic direction. This year he is continuing to expand in this direction, and will now present the fruit of recent developments for his new project.

Originally from Virginia, the double-bassist John Andrew Wilhite recently moved to Oslo to complete a Masters degree at Norges musikkhøgskole, where he studies contemporary double bass technique with Håkon Thelin and Dan Styffe. In 2015, he released his solo album "Bright Yellow" with Freedom Garden Records (NYC). He is currently developing techniques to reinvent the roles of both hands and will present a series of Etudes based on these techniques.