Eksamenskonsert Stig Espen Hundsnes, el-trompet

Masterkonsert - eksamen

Få med deg denne mastereksamenskonserten med 4 urframføringer for el-trompet og jazzensemble og software.


Stig Espen Hundsnes - el-trompet
Morten Krogh Hagen - kontrabass
Phillip Birkenes - flygel
Steinar Mossige - trommer
Jon Ludvig Hansen - keyboard/synth
Helge Myhren - flygel


  • Eirik Sletteberg - «STOE», for el-trompet og elektronikk (urframføring)
  • Hallvard Nikolaisen - «Piece piece», for el-trompet og synth (urframføring)
  • Joakim Jalhed - «Circle of Colours», for el-trompet og softwareinstallasjon (urframføring)

Audio-visual piece for computer and electronic wind instrument. The performance transforms the instrument into a weird game controller, this is not a musical piece per se. It is a mystical computer assisted improvisation, an algorithmically generated nihilistic command or a punishing pseudo-computer game depending on how you see it. The player must understand the system rather than learn it, to make his own objective instead of accepting the given goal. Or not. The audience will probably understand nothing, their challenge is to make sense out of what they see.

  • Hallvard Nikolaisen - «Explorer», for el-trompet og jazz trio (urframføring)

“Explorer” is a jazz tune written for digital trumpet and jazz trio.

The A-section of the composition is based around Olivier Messiaen’s third mode of limited transposition, which is fairly unusual in a jazz setting. The mode opens for some exciting harmonic choices, that leaves the listener in a very unsettled, yet static world. The B-section brings a strong contrast to this world, by employing a more traditional modal sound.

When writing the melody and solo for digital trumpet, I wanted to take advantage of the possibilities within the instrument. First of all, the trumpet’s range is not an issue because of the octave buttons. At the same time, it’s important to pay attention to the half octaves, to avoid unnecessarily difficult passages.

Instead of looking at the digital trumpet as a substitute for an acoustic trumpet, one could also compare it to a keyboard controller - and this is where the MDT really shines, in my opinion. By writing for a very skilled trumpet player such as Stig Espen, his articulation breathes life into an otherwise static synth sound, which again makes the sound of a digital trumpet different from a synth sound. Even if a keyboard player is using modulation and expression pedals, it’s difficult, if not impossible to impact the articulation to such a degree as on MDT.

Hearing a jazz tune with a synth sound is not something you hear every day, but with the trumpet articulation, I’ve gotten used to the sound. Using a written solo made it possible to explore the technical horizons of the digital trumpet as well - it’s quite a challenging piece to play.