Sound of Mu

Evelina Petrova and friends play at Sound of Mu


Masterconcert with Evelina Petrova – accordion, voice, Andreas Rotevatn – trombone, electronic and Laura Ellestad – hardangerfele

  • Søndag 18. mai 2014
  • 20.00
  • Sound of Mu
  • Gratis


Evelina Petrova –accordion, voice;

Andreas Rotevatn –trombone, electronic;

Laura Ellestad – hardangerfele



Evelina Petrova: “My main musical interest and inspiration comes from folk music.   
I see many possibilities for experimentation based on various folk traditions attracting musicians of different approaches and experience. I am incredibly attracted by the ritual base of folk music which in my opinion very naturally connects with minimalistic, contemporary and improvisational mentalities. All of us are different and have a spectrum of musical approaches, from classical, contemporary, rock music to jazz and folk. We are looking for the space where our own fantasy, imagination and experience help us to create dramaturgical reach and an emotionally strong musical performance.”