Frokostseminar: Practising in and across different genres

The next CEMPE breakfast seminar for NMH students takes place 8 March and is about practising in and across different genres.


  • Torsdag 8. mars 2018
  • 09.00
  • Room 139
  • Only for NMH students. Free, please register below.


Panel discussion with Siw Graabræk Nielsen (professor, researcher on practising), Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen (classical percussion), Joachim Kwetzinsky (classical piano, accompaniment), Johannes Lunde Hatfield (senior researcher on practice psychology), and Raymond MacDonald (improvising saxophonist and professor of music psychology and improvisation). 

Moderator: Guro Gravem Johansen (jazz singer and researcher on practising improvisation).


There will be coffee/tea and refreshments.


We hope to create an open, informal and engaging discussion, where we´re able to dig deep, and to go beyond general and superficial (and even moralistic?) assumptions about what practising is or should be, and what genre cultures can learn from each other - or maybe not.