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International collaboration in free improvised music.


Ben Gerstein (US) (trombone)
Magnus Sefaniassen Eide (NO) (drums)
Seshen (JP) (voice & movement)


Ishin-den-shin (以心伝心), a Japanese idiom which denotes the interpersonal communication through unspoken words and mutual understanding, between minds and hearts.

Three musicians from different countries (Norway, Japan, USA) are meeting in the musical collaboration. Wind through bamboo, body of tree bending harmonics in the quiet forest, bird in the distance, slow ancient footsteps on the earth, a branch snapping,..... Through instant composition, they are weaving the music beyond categories and styles, delivering the whispers of nature, in "ishin-den-shin."

Ben Gerstein

b. 1977 and raised in Santa Barbara, California, trombonist Ben Gerstein has lived in New York City since 1995. Over the years he has developed many collaborations and projects devoted to improvisation as means of total performance, meditation, composition, and integration with nature and the arts, as well as numerous multi-instrumental works, mixed-media practices, and recreations of pieces by classical and contemporary composers. He is a member of groups led by the likes of Tyshawn Sorey, Tony Malaby, Henry Threadgill, Dan Weiss, Michael Formanek, Ingrid Laubrock, and Matt Mitchell, among many others.


A vocalist, at the same time an interdisciplinary artist (vocalist, dancer, performer), originally from Japan, living in Oslo, Norway, performing and teaching internationally. Her artistic process has been deeply inspired by nature and ancient meaning of art, where music, dance, story telling, poetry and visual arts existed inseparably as one. Transmitting the voice of nature in her physical and musical expression is her artistic goal. Through different interdisciplinary collaborations, she continues her research, how art can return to nature and every human being, in integrating holistic perspectives, practices in the nature, indigenous traditions, ancient cosmology and her Japanese ancestral roots into her art.

Magnus Sefaniassen Eide

er en av de unge fremadstormende trommisene innen norsk jazz, utdannet fra improvisert musikk/jazz-linja ved Norges musikkhøgskole i Oslo (2015). Han er en spennende, allsidig og kreativ musiker som har blitt invitert til mange prosjekter og innspillinger med flere av de mest kjente musikerne i Norge, deriblant Jon Eberson, Staffan William-Olsson trio, Frode Kjekstad trio og Prime Time Orchestra.