Lecture 1: Harmonic Strategies in my Music

Composition Forum. Prof. Dieter Mack, Lübeck (Ger) in collaboration with the Arne Nordheim Centre for Artistic Research.

  • Onsdag 3. mai 2017
  • 15.30
  • Auditoriet
  • Gratis


Although every composer seems to search for his own sound world, sound as a compositional parameter has always been regarded quite inferior, at least in the German tradition. Coming from a slightly different background (rock and Jazz), I was always more interested in developing my own sound world. However, electronic devices as well as new playing techniques (Lachenmann’s “musique concrete instrumentale”) and preparations have less appealed to me. During my investigation for other possibilities, I came back to French composers like Ravel and Messiaen but also jazz composers/arrangers like Duke Ellington and Gil Evans. In this lecture I will demonstrate some of my ideas of composing sound.