Magnus Vangsnes Bjørgo (tuba)


  • Tirsdag 3. mai 2016
  • 19.00
  • Majorstua kirke
  • Gratis


A. Arutiunian: Tuba Concerto
A. Plog: Sonate for tuba
R. Lischka: Pronto
J. Williams: Concerto for tuba


Magnus Vangsnes Bjørgo is becoming a known name on the Nordic scene of classical music. He has a Bachelor in executive classical music from the Norwegian Academy of Music and are now in his first year as a master student.

Magnus is aiming to become a professional orchestral tubist and he has in few years made a parent foot print in the Scandinavian orchestral environment and is currently an approved substitute in many of the professional orchestras and army bands in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.