Symposium Messiaen


Innlegg av Magnus Andersson, Håkon Austbø og Peter Hill.

  • Torsdag 28. februar 2013
  • 09.30
  • Levinsalen


Magnus Andersson

Håkon Austbø

Peter Hill


kl 09.30-10.00 – Magnus Andersson on how to understand Messiaen through different musicians’ eyes

kl 10.00-11.20 – Håkon Austbø has worked with Messiaen and performed his music all over the world. At present, he is working on the visualization of the colours that Messiaen saw with the various modes and chords that he used in his music. His lecture will focus on how these colours are implemented in his works and what influence they will have on performance.

kl 11.20-12.00 – TBA

kl 12.00-13.30 – Peter Hill: “Nature in music: Messiaen and birdsong in the 1950s”