Michal Wróblewski Ensemble



Håkon Aase: fiolin
Seshen: vokal
Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø: trombone
Martin Morland: bass
Jakop Janssønn: trommer
Magnus Sefaniassen Eide: trommer
Magnus Grimnes: gitar
Michal Wróblewski: alt-saksofon



The ensemble was found in 2014. They use different improvisation and performing techniques, rules and cues which are changing the music in real time. The composition's influence is mix of american jazz avantgarde, european classical music of 20th century or folk music. The music is based on rhythm patterns, grooves and polytonal but also naive and pathetical melodies and minimalistic information, which are often changed by unexpectable changes and kind of a film edits. The octet is often divided to the groups, which works separately but they are also creating original sonic wholeness.