Misha Alperin - Back in Town


Mikhail «Misha» Alperin, født i Ukraina i 1956, er professor i jazz-piano ved Norges musikkhøgskole. Han er kjent for sitt særegne musikalske uttrykk med klare koblinger til folkemusikk og en artistisk utøvelse med mye humor. 


Mikhail «Misha» Alperin (professor i jazz-piano,komponist og improvisatør)

Angelina «Evelina» Alperin (akkordeon,vokalist, komponist og improvisatør)


Mikhail Alperin

Mikhail Alperin was born in the Ukraine in 1956 and grew up in a rural area of Bessarabia, the eastern part of Moldavia. Until 1976 he studied classical piano at music schools and academies in the Ukraine and Moldavia. Since 1977 he has worked as a free-lance arranger, composer and practicing musician. In 1980, along with Simon Shirman, Alperin founded the first Moldavian jazz quartet by developing his idea of linking jazz and folk. 

Like most of the world's musicians, Alperin was obliged to earn his living with dance and party music. For the young musician, however, this music embodied things old and past. The future and freedom were to be found in music influenced by the West, music like rock and jazz. It was not until he had played in Moscow jazz circles for several years that he discovered the musical sounds of his native country for his own work. In Moscow he found other musicians also interested in integrating the musical traditions of their countries into jazz as an element of equal value, and in drawing from the rich tradition of the music of the peoples of the immense Soviet Union. 

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