Musikkbaren ekstravagansa

Musikkbaren ekstravagansa


Musikkbaren avslutter semestret med en heidundrande tirsdagskveld med noe av det beste Musikkhøgskolens studenter har å by på. 

  • Onsdag 14. mai 2014
  • 17.30
  • Musikkhøgskolen
  • Gratis


::: Magnus Wiik :::
Improvisation on guitar, banjo, dobro and mandolin


::: Andreas Angell og Marit Johansen :::
In Croce by Sofia Gubaidulina for accordion and cello


::: Bendik Sells :::
Improvisatory tale told by sound, tones, words and metaphors


::: Ted Glen Extended :::
Exploratory and orchestral pop songs with catchy melodies, great vocal harmonies and surprising rhythms

Johanne og Knut Kippersund Nesdal - vocals
Eivind Strømstad - guitar
Mats Lillehaug - drums
Morten Strypet - bass
Ole Gjøstøl - piano
Ingvild Nordstoga Eide - viola
Åsa Ree - violin


::: Thomas Tvedt :::

Close to the heart, beautiful music with norwegian texts

::: Dario & Jon :::
Grand duo consertante for violin, bass and orkester by Giovanni Bottesini 

Jon Åsnes - bass
Dario Cazzani - violin
Tor Espen Seim - piano

::: Gúo :::
A modern guitar duo playing music with a genre free and fearless approach

Magnus Jønnum Grimnes - guitar
Emil Brattested - guitar

::: Ropert :::
Young impro duo characterized by textures and spontaneous compositions with live video art

Emilie Storaas - vocal and effects 
Andreas Winther - drums
Sigurd Ytre-Arne - video art

::: The Kuraybers :::

Strong ties to Norwegian and Balkan folk music that consist of elements from Ireland, Poland, Spain and other nations

Daniel Lazar (RS) - Violin 
Almir Meskovic (BA) - Accordion 
Greg Miszczyszyn (PL) - Accordion 
Espen Wensaas (NO) - Guitar 
Bjørnar Kaldefoss Tveite (NO) - Double Bass 
Boris Iochev (BG) - Drums 
Ramon Figueras Alsius (CL) - Trumpet