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Narin Musayeva (fiolin)

  • Lørdag 9. mai 2015
  • 13.00
  • Deichmanske hovebibliotek


Vebjørn Anvik (klaver)

Narin Musayeva (I. fiolin)
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Bach: Fioilinsonate nr.2 i a-moll (Grave,Fuga)
Beethoven: Fiolinsonte nr.5 
Brahms: Klaverkvinett, 1 og 2 sats


Narin Musayeva

Narin Musayeva ( 21.11.91) is an azerbaijani violinist studying Master at Norwegian Academy of Music. She has studied 11 years at music school and afterwords has got bachelor degree at Baku Music Academy (Azerbaijan). She was a participant of different competitions and festivals. In 2002 she partook in Competition Delphic Games for Young Musicians in Russia. In 2003 she was participant of New Names Summer School,taking place in Russia,where she had masterclasses with outstanding violinists and several concerts. Moreover, in 2004 she participated in two competitions which held on in Baku and was a winner in both of them.

Later in 2008 she was a winner of another competitions -taking place in Azerbaijan and Russia-where she performed and analysed in the same time. During her studies  she was a member of TURKSOY Youth Chamber Orchestra and participated in Bayreuth Festival in the same time, had masterclasses and concerts in Germany, USA,Turkey. She also took part in the Youth Music Academy of CIS countries in Belorus and in Summer school in Finland and had masterclasses with well-known musicians such as, J.Bashmet, A.Tretiakov, A.Trostiansky, I.S.Golovina, M.Gothoni, E.Cantor, T.Summers etc. She was also getting a grant from Mayor of Russia S.Sobyanin.
 At the time she is studying with professor Detlef Hahn.

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