Gestural modelling and compositional constraints - foredrag av Aaron Cassidy

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Forelesning 3 av gjestelærer og komponist prof. Aaron Cassidy fra University of Huddersfield / Centre for Research in New Music har fått tittelen Gestural modelling and compositional constraints: the articulation of accident as creative method.

  • Tirsdag 8. mars 2016
  • 14.30
  • Auditoriet
  • Gratis


Aaron Cassidy (Huddersfield)


Aaron Cassidy held óg foredrag 7. januar og meiserklasse 8. mars kl. 10.00-12.00 med komposisjonsstudentar.

Alt skjer på engelsk.

Cassidys egen omtale av foredraget

Gestural modelling and 
compositional constraints: the articulation of accident as creative method

This presentation discusses my approach to topographical mapping, boundary spaces, and physical modeling in works employing a newly developed, unified multi-parametric notation system. In particular, it examines the ways in which limited collections of physical action types can “push against” constructed, dynamic, multi-planar bounding windows. The friction between these two forces is at the heart of the sonic and physical gestural material of my recent work and encourages unusual, unexpected, and often unpredictable materials to emerge. Works discussed include And the scream, Bacon’s scream, is the operation through which the entire body escapes through the mouth (2005-2009), Second String Quartet (2010), as well as a work for multi-channel electronics from The wreck of former boundaries, a work in progress for two trumpets, ensemble, and electronics, to be premiered in late 2016.