Scintilla- Hlavenková/Aaurum + Seshen/Wróblewski


Scintilla tour:
Beata Hlavenková (piano, stemme)
Anders Aaurum (fender rhodes)

supported by grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway -

Two pianists, composers and arrangers are meeting on the stage to perform Hlavenková’s new project named “Scintilla”.
The last solo piano project “Theodoros” already indicated that Beata Hlavenková’s music will be following a bit different path then her former musical projects. She discovers new musical environment based on her fascination of songs, artificial music, minimalism and essentially everything which she has been surrounded by and inspired by in her life in general.
Her compositional cycle “Theodoros” of twelve pieces as twelve months is dealing with the life and music as God’s gift. Some of the compositions include more piano layers, all composed and recorded by composer herself. The potential and desire to perform this musical suite with another pianist could be fulfilled in this cooperation with Anders Aarum.

Seshen (stemme)
Michal Wróblewski (saksofon)

- improvisasjon