The Estonian Heritage


Masterconcert with Katariin Raska - sopran sax, torupill and Triinu Taul - voice inspired by different repertoire from Estonian heritage.

  • Fredag 16. mai 2014
  • 19.00
  • Biermannsgården, Maridalsveien 78
  • Gratis


Katariin Raska - sopran sax, torupill
Triinu Taul - voice


As her masterproject, bagpipe player and saxophonist Katariin Raska is exploring different soundlandscapes on her instruments. Searching the way of interpretation that is not very common in the concept of traditional music. Yet.  Being inspired by different repertoire from Estonian heritage, Katariin has been arranging some pieces for the duo with an Estonian singer Triinu Taul.