Ultima Academy

Ultima Academy finner sted hvert år under Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival. Forelesninger, workshops og debatter gir publikum innsikt i forbindelsene mellom samtidsmusikk i teori og praksis.

  • Tirsdag 10. september 2013
  • 10.00
  • Levinsalen
  • Gratis adgang


10.00-10.45: The analogue revolution of digital music technology

Music researcher and organologist Tellef Kvifte from the Telemark University College will seek to convince us that the recent, so-called digital revolution of music technology is better understood as an analogue revolution. He will use examples from 19th and 20th century developments in musical instruments, arguing that the development is best understood when we view the developments in the areas of aesthetics, instrument interfaces, and technology of production and distribution as mutually dependent.

10.45-11.15: Multimedia performance: Stefan Prins about Nadar

Ensemble Nadar´s production at Ultima 2013, InterAct!, is about how composers nowadays deal with society and how they reflect on themes like interactivity, the conflict between reality and virtual reality and developments in technology.

Composer and performer Stefan Prins is member of the artistic board og this innovative young ensemble. In addition to presenting the concept behind InterAct!, Prins will discuss practical aspects of the production.

11.30-13.00: Robert Henke (Ableton Live) – The art of engineering art

“One could say that Henke has had more influence over the last ten years on the way millions of people create and perform their music globally than any bigger-selling musicians or producers, simply because he helped build the instruments we’re all using to bring our ideas to life.” This is how Troy Micheau, from REDEFINE magazine describes Robert Henke, an artist, sound engineer and developer of Ableton Live.

Can a software shape compositional thought and processes? In this lecture, Henke reflects upon the musical considerations at the very base of the design of Ableton Live, one of today´s most popular commercial softwares for performance-oriented music production.

13.30-14.00: New technologies - with Alexander Refsum Jensenius

Music researcher and research musician Alexander Refsum Jensenius from the University of Oslo presents an overview of the newest developments in instrument technology and address some of following questions: What will the music instruments of tomorrow be like? Will there only be electronic instruments? What is the role of the human performer when the computer can play by and with itself?

14.00-14.30: Synæsthetic illusions - Christian Blom´s kinetic sculptures

Norwegian artist Christian Blom presents two new installations for Ultima 2013, Iceroses and Trio for dancing thread, lightbulb and bell with damper. He will also be presenting his work al Khowarizmis Mechanical Orchestra. According to New Scientist magazine,“Norwegian artist Christian Blom’s al Khowarzimi’s Mechanical Orchestra is a feat of electrical engineering”. Made of delicately handcrafted structures that conceal a subtle use of digital technology, Blom´s kinectic sculptures combine sound, light and movement in a synæsthetic synthesis.


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