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Workshop med Matthias Kaul (perkusjon)

Dette er den første av tre dager med perkusjonisten Matthias Kaul. Tema i dag er Life as a composing performer, then Q&A session.


From his website

Matthias Kaul started as a rock and jazz drummer. He studied percussion at the Hamburg Musikhochschule, received numerous scholarships, and was awarded an advanced degree in Solo Performance.He has cooperated with other musicians and composers such as John Zorn, David Moss, Carla Bley, Malcolm Goldstein, Mauricio Kagel, Hans Werner Henze, Vinko Globokar and Joachim Hespos. He has made several concert tours in Europe, North and South America, Kanada, Africa, Taiwan, Japan, India and Korea. He has been featured, as percussionist and composer, on numerous record labels, including Wergo, Hat Hut, col legno, and CPO. Numerous awards for his work, recently an Echo Award 2012 and the annual award of the German Record Critics 2012. Kaul has never studied composition, but he had premiered more than 300 works of other composers, and this gave him the best thinkable lessons in composition. Kaul received commissions for new pieces by Festivals like Wittener Tage neuer Kammermusik, Ferienkurse Darmstadt, Rainy Days Luxemburg, Opera houses from Munich, Hamburg, Hannover, Radio stations like WDR, HR, DLF, SR…. Institutions like: Mutable Music New York, IMD Darmstadt, Arno Schmidt Stiftung,