Zheng² × leier●租客●tenant

Masterkonsert - eksamen

Tze Yeung Hos eksamenskonsert.


Scenografi: Andjela Brankovic (SRB/MK)
Sopran: Elisabeth Hetherington (CA/NL)
Zheng: Honghong Zheng (ZH/NO)
Akkordion: Live Brekke (NO), Andreas Angell (NO)
Bratsj: Tove Bagge (SE), Kai-Shin Lin (TW)
Kontrabass: Torstein Johansen (NO)
Skuespillere: Oda Aunan (NO), Sean Bell (NO)


Born in Oslo to minorities from a city-state more populated than Norway itself and raised between borderline barren Finnmark and boisterous Southern Ontario, Tze Yeung Ho presents a glimpse of his personal identity in dialogue with his musical creations.

This performance showcases works the composer created during his master's studies where his 'Norwegian-Canadian of Cantonese descent' label drove him to explore its implications, meanings and difficulties as a composer with a complex cultural background. The result is six different works questioning different areas of self-identity, hybridity, exoticism, and authenticity. This concert programmes two of the six works, among which an excerpt from his theatre work and a solo work for the Chinese zither 'zheng' (箏) are staged for the occasion.