Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Education (CEMPE)

Centre of Excellence in Music Performance (CEMPE) is hosted by the Norwegian Academy of Music. CEMPE’s aim is to develop knowledge that will enhance the education of musicians on a high artistic level, qualified for an international and competitive profession in a rapidly changing music environment.

Conference on entrepreneurship in Music

Department of Musicology at the University of Oslo, the Norwegian Business School and Norwegian Academy of Music/CEMPE (Centre of Excellence in Music Performance Education) will hold a conference on entrepreneurship in music 27 – 28 April 2017. The conference will be hosted by Norwegian Academy of Music.

Colleagues from Norway and abroad are now invited to submit their proposals/papers. Read the full call.

This will be achieved through improving music performance teaching, enhancing the quality of the students’ instrumental practice and preparing the students for proactive participation in the music community. These objectives will be met through seven separate development projects, involving students and teachers and making use of different methodologies.

See more at www.cempe.no/en

Centre Director


Jon Helge Sætre

Associate Professor
Music Education

Centre Management


Siw Graabræk Nielsen

Music Education and Music Therapy Department

Eirik Birkeland

Associate Professor
Brass, Woodwind and Percussion Department
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