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Chamber Music

– Chamber musicality is to be alert, to listen to fellow musicians, to be interested in them, and to retain an inviting attitude.

These words by Are Sandbakken capture an essential experience of playing chamber music.

Chamber Music at the Norwegian Academy of Music includes all orchestra instruments, and all our students participate in some way during their course of study. Students request the groups they wish to play in and which instructors they wish to work with.

The Chamber Music Department has a number of highly active groups of various instrumentations and sizes that engage students and staff at the Academy. String quartets, vocal trios, percussion ensembles and wind quintets are examples of ensembles students can choose from.

Professional ensembles which have sprung from the chamber music environment at the Norwegian Academy of Music include Ensemble Allegria and Fannaråken blåsekvintett.

The Chamber Music Week

Once a year, the Norwegian Academy of Music organizes a one week long chamber music festival. This week is packed with events with ensembles of different instrumentations and sizes, and many concerts and masterclasses.

At least one international guest of honour is invited every year. Our former guests include:

  • Artemis String Quartet (Germany) - leading string quartet
  • Robert Hollingworth (England) - vocal ensemble guru
  • Andrew Manze (England) - internationally renowned conductor

Chamber music competition

Every year in January, the Norwegian Academy of Music holds a chamber music competition. The winner ensembles are awarded with funding for participation at international seminars. In addition, the winners have in recent years been hired to perform at Oslo Chamber Music Festival.

European Chamber Music Association (ECMA)

The Norwegian Academy of Music participates in the ECMA initiative with other leading music institutions from Vienna and Paris. The ECMA institutions collaborate to offer an exceptional training programme for European chamber music ensembles of the highest quality. In April 2013 the Norwegian Academy of Music played host to a five day ECMA seminar with participants from the other institutions.

Chamber music electives

A team of instructors from the various theory and performance departments at the Norwegian Academy of Music teach the selected ensembles. This teaching model is recognized for its quality and has won the National Award of Teaching Excellence.


Fannaråken Wind Quintet. Photo: Kyrre Lien



Are Sandbakken


Chamber Music, Viola