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Music Education

At the Norwegian Academy of Music students have the opportunity to learn from leading pedagogues in Music Education.

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Teachers of Music Education at the Academy are active researchers and continually conduct development work in the field of Music Education and Pedagogy. The Music Education environment at the Academy is a community of professionals who actively participate and connect to larger international networks dedicated to the advancement of Music Education, such as  International Society for Music Education and Nordic Network for Musis Education Research.

In addition to publishing books and articles on research and development areas in the field of Music Education, our faculty members working in Education are active advisors and participants in councils, boards and planning committees, influential roles in the development of music teaching programs and curricula.

Study opportunities

The Norwegian Academy of Music offers

Teaching practice

The Music Education and Teacher Training programs at the Norwegian Academy of Music collaborate with a wide variety of institutions and programs where our students are able to explore and expand their roles as Music Teachers and Performers, and the connection between.

Students and staff of the Music Education Department run a music project in a refugee camp and at schools in Lebanon.


  • Concerts at schools and other venues

  • Music Teacher training and practice at Regional Arts and Music Schools, lower and upper secondary schools, and at the Academy students' own School of Music.

  • Music Teacher training and practice in Lebanon, through collaborative program with Lebanese schools and a refugee camp

  • Seminars and conferences, such as: the Nordic Workshop on Assessment in Music Training and the Nordic Conference on Music Teacher Education in 2010; Seminar on Children and Music in collaboration with Rikskonsertene in 2012; and the Arts and Music School Research Conferences in 2012 and 2013



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