JIM - Jazz and Improvised Music

JIM @ South African College of Music & Norwegian Academy of Music aims to increase and intensify collaboration in the departments of Jazz and Improvised Music (JIM) at the partner institutions.

The project targets several goals, the most important being establishing a sustainable platform for student and teacher exchange, institutional development and the investigation into possible collaborative research activities.

Project activities include semester long student mobility, development and implementation of Intensive Programmes (IP) at both institutions and exchange of academic staff for teaching, research and development purposes. Students from both institutions take part in the IPs, making them excellent platforms for internationalisation at home for the local students.

Norwegian students and teachers get first-hand experience with Traditional African Music and how this is intertwined with the jazz sound that dominates the Higher Music Education in Cape Town. Vice versa, South African students and teachers interact with students at NMH for the real Nordic Noir Jazz experience. Performances at professional venues are held in both cities in conjunction with the IPs.

The interaction between teachers and students that takes place during the IPs and the semester exchanges lays the grounds for contacts and mentorships that could have far-reaching and long-term effect on the development of the students as musicians and artists. Student-to-student artistic interaction gives way for possible long-term connections that will be extremely important and relevant when meeting the demands of the professional music industry.

Last updated: 26. March 2019