Profilbilde fiolin på skulder

Summer Strings Across The Atlantic

Summer Strings Across The Atlantic is a two-year collaborative project between the Norwegian Academy of Music, Voksenåsen and New York University- Steinhardt.

"I had an incredible time and it was definitely the highlight of my Summer. I was so impressed and inspired by all of the students and faculty, and I feel that I learned a lot there." (Student from NYU)

"I was really happy to go there and I think every student will be grateful to have the same experience." (Student from NMH)


Summer Strings is funded through the partnership program for North America, which is administrated by SIU. The project enables students and teachers to attend exchange programs and summer schools in New York and Oslo.


In the summer of 2017, a group of students from NMH travelled to New York to attend the Summer Strings summer school at NYU. With them was NMH's own Professor Peter Herresthal, who was there to teach. A few weeks later, a group of students from NYU travelled to Voksenåsen in Oslo to attend Voksenåsen summer Academy. They travelled alongside teachers pianist Nelson Padget and violist Stephanie Baer.

Planning ahead

Representatives from NMH and NYU met in 2017 to evaluate the collaboration project so far. Both parties are very happy with the project to date, and it was agreed upon to explore the possibility of a future collaboration after the project ends. An option of semester-long exchange periods would be ideal for strengthening relations.


Tone Jordhus

Senior Advisor
Academic Affairs and Research
Last updated: 18. February 2018