European Chamber Music Academy (ECMA) is an association of leading European institutions of higher music education and festivals in the field of chamber music that together provide continuous and ongoing training for chamber music ensembles.

Since establishing in 2004, ECMA has held approximately ten gatherings annually, each hosted in turn by partnering institutions. NMH's gathering takes place the week after Easter every year. At the gatherings in Oslo, world renowned tutors work together with NMH's own teachers to impart their valuable expertise to chosen student ensembles from all over Europe. 

The Partners in the ECMA consortium were in 2015 awarded a 3-year strategic partnership which is coordinated from NMH. 

 Read about the cooperation between NMH and ECMA here.

See ECMAs own website for more information.


Tone Jordhus

Senior Advisor
Academic Affairs and Research
Last updated: 20. February 2018