The Master's Degree program NoCoM is an opportunity for students following the discipline Improvised music /jazz to gain valuable international experience. 

The Master's degree study program "The Composing Musician - NoCoM is a collaborative project between the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH), the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen and the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg.

Admissions for this program are conducted at all three institutions. Out of a total of four semesters, the second and third are completed at partner institutions while the first and fourth semester are completed at the home institution. At the start of each semester, an intensive course for all students attending the program is arranged at one of the three participating institutions. 

Practical information about the programme (

 NoCoM is one of few, formalised opportunities for international experience awarded to Master's degree students of Improvised music/jazz by NMH. Master's students of Performance are however free to use allocated funding on lessons with teachers abroad. Through NoCoM the students still have a greater opportunity of becoming part of an existing and established professional community abroad, similarly to regular exchange students.

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Miriam Rintelen

Miriam Rintelen

Academic Affairs and Research

Håkon Storm-Mathisen

Associate Professor

Jazz Guitar, Jazz-teori

Last updated: 20. February 2018