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Kaija Saariaho – The Academy’s new visiting professor 06. September 2016

– My work is solitary. I rarely share thoughts about it with others. So I enjoy meeting young colleagues and hearing their ideas and plans, and maybe help and guide them if I can.

En rekke med basskasser langs veggen på musikkhøgskolen

Scenes from a start of term 26. August 2016

Finally the day is here! New students discover their Academy-life.

Darla Crispin reflekteres i vinduet

The value of personal experience 04. July 2016

Darla Crispin has been engaged in the field of artistic research since it first emerged as a recognised area some twenty years ago. Last autumn she became director of the Arne Nordheim Centre for Artistic Research (NordART) at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

En vakker fiolin

A precious partnership 01. July 2016

The Norwegian Academy of Music and Dextra Musica are broadening their collaboration. The foundation allows the Academy to add new quality string instruments to its collection.

Nina Nielsen på hustak

Black metal – rebellion, panic and acceptance 14. June 2016

– From black metal we can learn a great deal about being Norwegian. And about how music can express group loyalty and societal non-conformity. I believe it is very foolish to ignore this part of our history.

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– An unusual talent 19. April 2016

Young, Israeli conductor Yuval Weinberg chose to come to Norway to be able to study under Grete Pedersen. She has been a professor of choral conducting at the Norwegian Academy of Music for twenty years. She is artistic director for the Norwegian Soloists’ Choir and regularly acts as guest conductor internationally.

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Tracing the traditional 06. April 2016

Pianist Ingfrid Breie Nyhus has recorded three albums of piano pieces inspired by Nordic folk music. All the recordings combined display the results of three years of work as an artistic research fellow at the Academy.

Sudeshna Bhattacharya deler kunnskap med studentene

Introducing Indian music 01. April 2016

Guru Sudeshna Battacharya has taken up residence in Norway. Students at the Norwegian Academy of Music can now take courses in classical Indian music to meet the demand for improvisation skills.

Lasse Thoresen ser tankefullt ut av vinduet

The primacy of the ear 18. March 2016

Imagine having to talk about paintings without using the name of any colours. Still, we discuss music without naming the sounds we hear. Professor Lasse Thoresen wants to give us words for discussing sound.