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The Lindeman Prize to Terje Tønnesen and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra

This year's Lindeman Prize has been awarded to violinist Terje Tønnesen and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra. The prize of 150 000 Norwegian kroner is divided between winners.

The Lindeman Prize Committee describes Tønnesen as an "excellent insrtumentalist and inspiring leader in his personal and uncompromising search for new and 'true' artistic expressions."

"The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra maintains an exceptional place in Norwegian music society, yet is perceived as being continually under development," says Einar Solbu, leader of the Lindeman Prize Committee, to The Committee feels the orchestra presents a compelling and inventive programming, and that it has been successful in its initiative to expand the concert arena.

Award ceremony at the Norwegian Academy of Music 11. October

The prize will be given at a formal ceremony at the Norwegian Academy of Music 11. October.

Young Musicians' Lindeman Prize

During the ceremony the Young Musicians' Lindeman Prize will be awarded. The winner of this prize, of 50 000 Norwegian kroner, will be announced on the same day.

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Last updated: 26. September 2013