Available spots for classical double bass students!

We are opening a second admissions process for musical performance studies at Bachelor's – and Master’s levels for students of classical double bass. The application deadline is 22nd April 2019.

Applicants who meet formal requirements for admissions will be invited to audition at the Norwegian Academy of Music during the last weeks of May. International students can also apply by video.

Audition requirements

The audition requirements are the same as under the regular auditions in February and March.

Here you can find the audition requirements for the bachelor level programmes
Here you can find the audition requirements for the master level programmes

Supporting documents

Here you will find the required supporting documents for your application:
Bachelor of Music Performance, 2nd Module
One-year Advanced Music Performance Study, bachelor’s level
Master of Music Performance
One-Year Graduate Performance Diploma

How to apply

Please note that you should not upload the documents to SøknadsWeb, but send them by email to opptak@nmh.no within 22nd April 2019.

Apply here!

Read more about the study programmes

Last updated: 12. April 2019