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Opera Répétiteur (Master of Performance): Apply by 28 June

The Norwegian Academy of Music is currently accepting applications for the Opera Répétiteur concentration (Master of Performance programme). Application deadline: 28 June.

Students in the Répétiteur concentration enter into our apprenticeship programme with the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (opera department) and the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet. A fellowship (NOK 60 000 per year) is available to successful candidates.

The Opera Répétiteur Experience

As an opera répétiteur student you will work with a wide variety of repertoire, spanning a range of musical styles, periods, and languages. You will work closely with professional singers, coaches and conductors, playing for opera production rehearsals, opera scenes rehearsals, music theatre productions, and performances. You will be trained to coach singers in phrasing, stylistic interpretation, performance, text and language. You will learn conducting techniques, to prepare you for leading ensemble rehearsals, and you will learn to interpret and creatively adapt piano and keyboard music to imitate orchestral tonalities. The répétiteur concentration will challenge you in many areas, greatly expand your range as a pianist, and open a great deal of professional opportunities.

Many of our répétiteur students have already completed master’s degrees in performance; the répétiteur concentration is specifically aimed at preparing you for your professional career by focusing on and honing the skills needed at the level required by Norwegian and international opera houses.

Admission requirements

Bachelor’s degree in music or equivalent educational qualifications with a minimum of 80 credits of specialisation in music performance subjects. Applicants must also successfully carry out entrance examinations adapted to the concentration. The applicant’s level at the audition must at minimum be equivalent to a four-year Bachelor of Music Performance at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Apprenticeship and fellowship

The Academy's Opera Répétiteur Fellowships are apprenticeships for our students to acquire professional level experience through study and work with the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (opera department) and the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet. The fellowships are valued at NOK 60 000 per year.

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Last updated: 10. June 2020