Academy Management

Members of the Management at the Norwegian Academy of Music are the Heads of Academic Affairs and Chief of Staff.

The Principal and Deputy Principal are elected by students and staff for a four year term.

Our current Management, 2013-2017:

The Board

The Board is the Norwegian Academy of Music's highest governing body. It is composed of 11 voting members: 4 artistic/academic staff representatives, 2 students, 1 administrative staff representative, and 4 external representatives appointed by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research.

The responsibilities of the Board are stated in the Act Relating to Universities and University Colleges.

The Principal is Chair of the Board, delegated to the chief executive responsibilities and overseer of activities at the Academy. A separate mandate is laid down for the Principal position.

For more information about Board meetings, elected committees meetings, Strategy and Planning Documents, Academy Policies, Procedures and Guidelines etc. visit the Academy's intranet sites.

Central Committees

3 central committees have delegated responsibilities in the 3 core areas at the Norwegian Academy of Music:

  • Academic Affairs Committee
  • Research and Development Committee
  • External Relations Committee

Each committee's chairperson is a member of the Senior Management.


Academic/artistic staff are organized in 7 departments according to discipline:

  • String and Harp Department - Head of Department Isabelle Perrin
  • Brass, Woodwind and Percussion Department - Head of Department Matz Pettersen
  • Conducting, Voice and Church Music Department - Head of Department Frank Havrøy
  • Piano, Accompaniment, Guitar and Accordion Department - Head of Department Gunnar Flagstad
  • Music Education and Music Therapy Department - Head of Department Brit Ågot Brøske Danielsen
  • Composition, Music Theory and Music Technology Department - Head of Department Mats Claesson
  • Jazz, Improvised Music and Traditional Nordic Folk Music Department - Head of Department Håkon Storm-Mathiesen


Administrative staff are organized in 6 sections:

  • Academic Affairs and Research - Director of Academic Affairs Kjetil Solvik
  • Human Resources, Archive and Finance - Director Cathrine Bøgestub
  • Campus Services and Information Technology  - Director Robert Haugan
  • Communications and Public Affairs - Director of Communication Kjetil Bjørgan
  • Outreach and Events Production - Director of Outreach and Events Programming Lars Kurverud
  • Library - Head of Library Tone Elofsson

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart


Last updated: 31. July 2017