Lisa Dillan


Associate Professor


Jazz, Improvised Music and Traditional Nordic Folk Music Department



Research / Working Group

Improvisation & Jazz


Phone: 23367063
Office: 5035

Research Areas / Expertise

  • Improvisation - improvised training methodes for improvisation, from classical and contemporary music to maintsream jazz and freely improvised music or other artforms
  • Singer - experimental/jazz/improvised/pop/contemporary
  • Composer - regular composing techniques, graphic/open scores, structures or modules to be used as improvising framework
  • Intermedia and performance - the improvised meeting point between dance, music, light, video and fine arts
  • Meta Competence - meta training for improvising and performing artists. Teqhniques for increasing awareness, concentration, the improvised state of mind, listening, kinestetic/tactile sence and visual orientation in a performative context


  • Vocal
  • Improvisation for students at improviastion/jazz, classical, composers, music pedagogic
  • Inter medial improvisation 
  • Performance


Lisa Dillan (b. 1969) is an improvising singer, composer and performing artist. She has worked with several leading pop, jazz- and improvisation musicians and dancers at home and abroad, touring in Russia, China, USA, Europe and Scandinavia with her solo concerts and bands.

Lisa Dillan is associate professor in improvisation, educated at the Norwegian State Academy of Music, where she also has taught improvisation, jazz singing and inter media improvisation since 2001. She also does workshops, lectures and seminars on improvisation and inter medial art performing.

Main projects: Lisa Dillan Solo, Lisa Dillan Quite Quiet Project with Asbjørn Lerheim, Lisa Dillan improvised – ad hoc improvisation with various performers and musicians.



  • Romerike Folkehøgskole 1989/90 - Theater/directing
  • Grunnfag musikk, Bodø lærerhøgskole 1990/91 - Music 
  • Bachelor Jazz, NMH 2000 - 50 % performing, 50 % pedagogical
  • Masterdegree, Improvisation, NMH 2008

Professional experience

  • Singer, composer and performance artist since 1991
  • Teaching improvisation and singing at NMH since 2001