Admission Decisions & Announcements

Admission decisions are announced to each individual applicant through Søknadsweb and by e-mail. They will not be published on the Academy webpage.

Applicants will be informed of admission results by email and must log into Søknadsweb to respond to a potential offer of admission. Dates of admission decision announcements for the study year 2020/2021 are: 

  • 26 February: Result of admission to master programmes  
  • 18 March: Result of admission to bachelor programmes
  • 20 May: Result of admission to continuing studies

Results of admission decisions will not be given by phone. Enquiries should be made to the Admissions Office,

Accepting an Offer of Admission

To accept or decline an offer of admission you must log on to Søknadweb and electronically submit your response before the deadline. If you accept and later change your mind, it is important that you notify the Admissions Office immediately to avoid tuition expenses and ensure that another waitlisted student can take your place.

Conditional Offer of Admission

If you have received a conditional offer of admission you must fulfil and document certain admission requirements before starting studies at the Academy.

The conditions and requirements will be detailed in the letter of admission. Deadline for submission of documentation (official transcripts / diploma and records) for education completed in spring 2019 is August 1st.

Waiting Lists

There are waiting lists for full programmes. If you have been waitlisted, you must accept or decline your place by the deadline.Log in to Søknadweb and electronically submit your response.

Applicants will not be informed of their number in line. If a place becomes available, and you are next on the waiting list, you will receive an offer of admission. Such offers may arrive up until start of classes

Deadlines for accepting or declining offers / waiting list places

  • 11 March: Master programmes
  • 1 April: Bachelor programmes 
  • 1 June: Continuing studies

Rejection (not qualified)

The Norwegian Academy of Music has many applicants for a limited number of study spaces. Competition is strong and the performance level is high. The Academy does not accept complaints regarding admission decisions, but unsuccessful applicants are welcome to reapply. Many highly skilled musicians did not succeed in their first attempt and we encourage continuous work towards achievement of goals.

Police Records

Admission to one of the following programmes requires submission of certified personal police records by study start year of admission:

  • Bachelor of Music in Music Education
  • Practical Pedagogy (Teacher Training)
  • Continuing Studies in Music and Health
  • Master of Music Therapy Programme


Telephone: +47 23 36 70 00 (phone time 12:00–15:00 Monday to Friday).

Last updated: 9. October 2019