About Auditions to Graduate Programmes

This information does not apply to applicants who audition by video recording.

Audition Information

Auditions to graduate programmes will take place in Week 8

There will be two rounds of auditions for applicants to the Artist Diploma Programme and applicants to Master of Music Performance specializing in either Opera Répétiteur or Performance with Thesis. The callback notice for the second round will be posted as soon as the jury has finished deliberations. Specific callback times will be posted Tuesday evening.

Applicants who have applied for an internship with The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra and/or Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra will receive an email with additional information. Read more about the internships on our website.

Applicants to the graduate programme in Conducting will receive callbacks as soon as the auditions are completed. The second and third rounds take place Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.


Auditions are held at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Slemdalsveien 11, 100 meters from Majorstua subway station. Rehearsal rooms will be available for warm-up about half an hour before your call-time. You’ll find a map of the building by the lift in the entrance hall. 3 digit room numbers mean the room is in the 1st house, while 4- and 5-digit numbers mean the room is in the 2nd house. The houses are connected by the footbridge on the third floor and the downstairs hallway.

Please arrive early for your audition. Take careful notice of what room you will have your audition in.

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The Academy will supply an accompanist for applicants who requested this in their Supplemental Form and who uploaded their sheet music by the 20 December deadline. Practising with the accompanist ahead of the audition will not be possible. We reitereate that all extrernal accomanists must be available all week, and we are not able to accomodate auditions to their schedules. 

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Changing your call-time

It is not possible to accomodate individual wishes regarding call-time. We assume all applicants will arrive at their given call-times. Due to a tight audition schedule, delays may occur.

Postponed audition

Applicants who are unable to audition because of illness must alert the Academy at immediately. If the illness is documented with a doctor’s note, you may request a postponed audition. Postponement for any other reason should not be assumed granted. The Norwegian Academy of Music cannot hold places for applicants who have requested a postponed audition. Applicants will only be called to a postponed audition if there are places available after ordinary admissions. 

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Notice of Admission

Results from the auditions will be published in SøknadsWeb on Wednesday of Week 9. You will also receive the results by email. No information about the results will be given over the phone. 

More information

Applicants in need of more information or who need help at the audition, may contact the Front Desk in the Entrance Hall. 

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Last updated: 28. September 2018