Guidelines for project proposal: master of music performance with thesis

You must write a project proposal of 2–3 pages (800–1200 words) and upload it to Søknadsweb no later than 15 December.

In the proposal you must decribe your ideas for the content of your Master's project. Point of departure for the thesis topic/principal study can be musical performance in combination with a specific theoretical area of interest.

Examples of proposed thesis topics/principal studies include (but are not limited to): a specific repertoire; a specific epoch or musical milieu; interpretative studies; the aesthetics of music; and music presentation/performance modes/techniques. Other thesis topics must be approved on an individual basis.

If you apply as part of an ensemble, we ask you to specify your contribution to a common Master's project.

Content of the project proposal

1. Title

2. Descripe the topic of your choice

Why did you choose this topic? What do you find interesting about it? 

3. Presentation of the problem

The hypothesis is a consise worded formulation of the project's core issues. It should entail "how", "what" and "why". The hypothesis should articulate and clarify the contribution this specific project will give; its main challenge. It should provide the reader with a relevant perspective for understanding the project design.  

4. Reflections on method

Describe resources and materials. How will you use your materials to investigate your hypothesis? Which methods will you use and which methodical choices must you make when handling your source materials?

Describe data and source material you will use, and how you will collect and analyse them (e.g. original texts, secondary literature, fieldwork, interviews, statistics, etc.).

5. Reference list

Literature and other sources you can think of as relevant for your project.

6. Documentation of your work

The written proposal must include suggestions of how the work is to be documented.

Last updated: 11. October 2018