Guidelines for Project Proposal: Master of Music Performance

You must write a description of the intended project. The description should be between half a page and one full A4 page long, and must be uploaded into Søknadsweb before the deadline of December 15.

The Master's degree project is intended as a performance based project that showcases independence and artistic maturity in musical performances. The project should have a clearly outlined topic/subject matter with a clearly defined artistic issue to be addressed. The description should give an account of your ideas for a subject, show which repertoire you wish to work with and explain how you intend to accomplish these tasks.

The project description draft is not binding. The aim of handing it in is to stimulate your own thought processes around the upcoming work, early on in the study programme.

Suggestions for a Lay-Out Plan

1. Working title

2. Description of the subject area/topic

Why does it interest you? What can you learn from the work involved?

3. Thoughts on potential repertoire

List the repertoire you want to study during the master programme.

4. How do you envisage completing the work?

What sources can you use? Which professionals /specialist enviroments could you take advantage of?

Last updated: 11. October 2018