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1st Round, Monday, Week 11

Applicants to the undergraduate programmes in Performance, Church Music, Music Education and/or Conducting are summoned to an instrumental/vocal audition. Applicants are called in groups; each group is given a meeting time, at which applicants will be given their individual time slots. The first person will be called in immediately, and all applicants must therefore be prepared with their entire repertoire at the group call time. The jury will choose approximately 10 minutes of the applicant's repertoire list that they wish to hear in the first round.

The jury’s decisions on who continues to the next round will be announced on the ground floor notice board in the afternoon and evening. Some listings will be published very late in the evening, and it may be necessary for applicants to return/call before 09:00 hrs on Tuesday morning to check these. Those who have applied for admission to multiple programs must examine all the callback sheets. The reception is open until 22:00 hrs, but NMH cannot take responsibility for any misunderstandings that may arise from asking for listings over the phone.

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2nd Round, Tuesday Week 11

Applicants who receive a callback to the second round, and applicants to the undergraduate programme in composition who’s home assignments are approved, must sit for an Entrance examination of music theory and aural skills. The test is given digitally. Bring your own PC or Mac, and headphones. Test duration is 1 hour 30 min. You will receive more information after the deadline

Applicants to the 2nd module of the Bachelor's Programme in Performance and Church Music, or to the One-year Advanced Performance Study, do not partake in this examination.

Applicants to the undergraduate programme in Music Education must also partake in a separate group audition on Tuesday afternoon. Time and place will be announced on the bulletin board Tuesday morning.

Applicants to the undergraduate study in Directing who receive a callback after their instrumental/vocal audition will have their first conducting audition Tuesday afternoon. Time and place will be announced on the bulletin board Tuesday morning. Directing applicants who proceed to the third round will be announced with a notice Tuesday night.

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3rd Round, Tuesday afternoon to Friday, Week 11

Callback sheets will be hung on the bulletin board Tuesday morning (Tuesday night for applications to the Conducting programme). These will contain the information of when and where the applicants should meet for the 3rd round. Please note that the third round can take place Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. If you have been offered a callback to multiple programmes, you may be asked to meet on several days.

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Facilities / practice rooms

Auditions are held at the Norwegian Academy of Music, Slemdalsveien 11, 100 meters from Majorstua subway station.  The school is open from 07:00 til 22:00 hrsThere will be the possibility of using 5th floor rehearsal rooms for warm-up about half an hour before your call-time. Remember to turn up in good time and be considerate. Remember that many applicants will need to practice. Please contact the on-duty supervisor on the 5th floor. You’ll find a map of the building by the lift in the entrance hall. 3 digit room numbers mean the room is in the 1st house, while 4- and 5-digit numbers mean the room is in the 2nd house. The houses are connected by the footbridge on the third floor and the downstairs hallway.

Please arrive early for your audition. Take careful notice of what room you will have your audition in.

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The Academy will supply an accompanist/band for applicants who requested this in their Supplemental Form and who uploaded their sheet music by the 20 December deadline. Practising with the accompanist/band ahead of the audition will not be possible. We reitereate that all external accomanists/bands must be available all week, and we are not able to accommodate auditions to their schedules. 

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Changing your call-time

It is not possible to accommodate individual wishes regarding call-time. We must assume that all applicants will arrive at their given call-times. Due to a tight audition schedule, delays may occur.

Postponed audition

Applicants who are unable to audition due to illness must notify the Academy immediately. If the illness is documented with a doctor’s note, you may request a postponed audition. Postponement for any other reason should not be assumed granted. The Norwegian Academy of Music cannot hold places for applicants who have requested a postponed audition. Applicants will only be called to a postponed audition if there are places available after the ordinary admissions. 

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Notice of Admission

Results from the auditions will be published in SøknadsWeb after 15:00 hrs on Wednesday of Week 12.  No information about the results will be given over the phone. 

More information

Applicants in need of more information or who need help at the audition, may contact the Front Desk in the Entrance Hall. 

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Last updated: 20. September 2017