Application and audition - Bachelor of Music in Composition

Application Deadline

15 December


Home assignements will be sent out mid-January
Auditions in week 11 (9 - 13 March 2020)

Programme Description

Bachelor of Music in Composition

How to apply

  1. Apply through Søknadsweb
  2. Upload all required supporting documentation to Søknadsweb.
  3. Once you have registered your application in Søknadsweb, a receipt will be sent to your e-mail address. In this receipt, you will find your application identification number and a link to your supplemental form. Use the supplemental form to inform about previous and ongoing education, your audition program, et cetera. Applicants without supplemental forms will be declined.

NB: Be aware that e-mails send from Søknadsweb can end up in the spamfilter. We ask you to be extra aware if you are using hotmail. 

Deadline 15 December 23.59

Upload supporting documents

Upload the following supporting documents to Søknadsweb by 15 December:

  • Academic records/transcripts (colour scans, translated into English or Norwegian by an officially authorized translator). No need to upload records from NMH aquired after 2005.
  • Portrait picture


The audition process for Bachelor of Music in Composition consists of 4 home assignments, and, if those are approved, live auditions at the Academy.

Home assignments 

The home assignements will we sent to the applicants by email in mid-January and are to be submitted within the deadline provided in that email. All materials and assignments must be uploaded in SøknadsWeb. 

The home assignements will entail: 

a) Instrumentation and composition

b) Documentation of the applicants previous work

c) List of a representative selection of the applicants original compositions 

d) Letter of motivation for applying to the programme

Be aware that the entire programme is instructed in Norwegian, and applicants must have Norwegian (Swedish or Danish) proficiency to be able to follow classes.

Please also refer to the Norwegian description of applications and auditions for further information.


Your application and home assignement will be assessed by an admission jury. Based on the jury's assessment you may be invited to the 2nd round. 

1st round- Tuesday Week 11:

Entrance Examinations: Music Theory and Aural Skills

2nd round - Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday Week 11:

Interview and presentation of your home assignement.

At this stage you may choose to perform a piece of app. 2-4 minutes duration on your principal instrument. 

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