Application and Auditions - Bachelor of Music with Individual Concentration

Application Deadline

15 December 


Week 11 (9 - 13 March 2020)

Programme Description

Bachelor of Music with Individual Concentration

How to apply

  1. Apply through Søknadsweb.
  2. Upload all required supporting documentation to Søknadsweb. See details below.
  3. Once you have registered your application in Søknadsweb, a receipt will be sent to your e-mail address. In this receipt, you will find your application identification number and a link to your supplemental form. Use the supplemental form to inform about previous and ongoing education, your audition program, et cetera. Applicants without supplemental forms will be declined.

NB: Be aware that e-mails sent from Søknadsweb can end up as spam. We ask you to be extra aware if you are using Hotmail. 

Deadline 15 December 23:59.

Upload supporting documents

Upload the following supporting documents to Søknadsweb by 15 December:

  • Academic records/transcripts (colour scans, translated into English or Norwegian by an officially authorized translator). No need to upload records from NMH acquired after 2005.
  • Proof of language proficiency.(within 1 February)
  • Portrait picture.
  • Proposed plan for your studies

Your proposed plan

The proposed plan should include

  • personal goals and wishes, and an explanation of why these cannot be realised within any of the Academy's other undergraduate programmes
    • Are you planning to work with multiple instruments or techniques?
    • Are you planning to work as both composer and performer?
    • Are you planning to combine different styles/diciplines?
    • Share your thoughts about how your project can develop into a unified, artistic expression.
  • musical bio/resumé (detailing competencies and training)
  • self-assessment and prospect for successful completion of the programme

Descriptions, plans, resumé, and assessments must be specific and detailed. You should include recordings (e.g. audio, video, text, original compositions, arrangements) with your documentation. All material must be uploaded in Søknadsweb, or you can submit links in the supplemental form to material in Vimeo, SoundCloud etc. Sound files uploaded in SøknadsWeb should be in mp3 format.


There are three rounds of auditions.

First round – prior to Week 11

Your application and supporting documentation will be assessed by an admission jury. Based on the jury's assessment you may be invited to the second round. If the jury finds that your stated goals and aspirations may be obtained through any other undergraduate programme at the Academy, your application will be dismissed.

Second round – Tuesday morning Week 11

Third round – Tuesday afternoon Week 11

If you qualify in the second round, you will be invited to a third round of interviews and practical tests.

At the discretion of an audition jury, you will be required to complete a series of practical tests suited to your proposed concentration, personal competencies, and study profile. The jury may also test your general musical knowledge, relevant skills, and theoretical understanding.

On the basis of the submitted material the jury may inquire about your proposed plan and any relevant practical, theoretical, and aesthetic aspects. You must demonstrate competencies and knowledge of relevant areas of study.

Last updated: 15. October 2019