General introduction to language requirements

Different language proficiency requirements apply to each programme at the Norwegian Academy of Music, depending on whether the instruction and curriculum are in English or Norwegian. 

Find out which requirements you need to consider by using the links below. If you plan to apply for more than one programme, you may find different requirements, so please check all of them. 

If you need to take a language test, make sure you sign up as quickly as possible, as these tend to fill up quickly.

The deadline for uploading language documentation, where this is necessary, is February 1 2020 for Bachelor and Master applicants, and April 15 2020 for applicants to Continuing studies Applicants who fail to meet the requirements cannot be accepted into the programme.

Please upload proof of language proficiency in Søknadsweb along with your other documents.

Bachelor level:

Bachelor of Music Performance
Advanced Music Performance Study – Bachelor’s level (1 year)
Bachelor of Music in Music Education
Bachelor of Music in Conducting
Bachelor of Music in Composition
Bachelor of Music in Church Music
Bachelor of Music with Individual Concentration

Master level:

Artist Diploma - Master of Music Performance
Master of Music Performance
European Chamber Music Master (ECMAster)
One-Year Graduate Performance Diploma – Classical
Master of Music Performance Technology and Electroacoustic Composition
Master of Music in Conducting
One-Year Graduate Conducting Diploma
Master of Music in Composition
Master of Music in Music Theory
Master of Education in Music
Master of Music Therapy

Continuing studies:

Music and Health



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