Norwegian language requirements for applicants to Pedagogical and Therapeutical studies

For practical reasons, these studies require higher proficiency in Norwegian language than other programmes. The requirements can be met by using the following methods:

  • Norwegian (as a 1st or 2nd language) in Norwegian upper secondary school, 3rd year, with the mark 2 or better.
  • Bergenstesten, test of Norwegian language, Advanced level, with a score of minimum 450 points or the mark "Bestått"
  • Vox - The Norwegian language test level B2
  • Certificate of completion of level 3 in Norwegian Language Programme for Foreign Students at one of the Norwegian universities
  • One year programme in Norwegian Language and Civilization for Foreign students.

Scandinavian applicants whose primary language is Swedish or Danish do not need to document Norwegian language proficiency, but are advised that instruction will be in Norwegian.

Last updated: 8. October 2019