Entrance Examinations: Music Theory and Aural Skills

Applicants for the 1st module of the bachelor studies must show sufficient music theory and aural skills.

Applicants who pass the first round of auditions must, in the 2nd round, complete the entrance examinations in music theory and aural skills.

The test is given digitally. Bring your own PC or Mac. Test duration is 1 hour 30 min.

This video shows what you should prepare and what the tasks look like.

The candidate will be required to:

  • identify and compare given intervals
  • identify the mode of the key (major or minor) in passages and chords, which may be in close position or spread out, in root position or inverted
  • to identify which version of a melody corresponds to a musical sample
  • identify the time signatures of given samples

The candidate must show knowledge of:

  • the rudiments of music
  • elementary harmonic analysis including identification of chords and cadences in a given score.
  • the history of music: ability to place musical samples in a historical context.

The test will include both excerpts from recordings and passages played on the piano. Thorough preparation is recommended.


We offer applicants an opportunity to complete the test as a pre-examination on Saturday 1 February 2020. The test will take place at Silurveien 2 in Oslo. A link for signing up will be available shortly.

Demo Test

If you want to do the demo test to familiarize yourself with the task types, please follow these instructions:

NB: Only one person can log in at the the same username at the same time. If the username/password doesn't work, scroll down in the list and pick another one. Please also remember to log out when you have finished the test.    


Send an e-mail to: admissions@nmh.no

Last updated: 14. October 2019