Audition Requirements - Jazz and Improvised Music

Audition requirements for

  • Bachelor of Music Performance - Jazz and Improvised Music
  • Bachelor of Music Performance - Jazz/Pop/Rock

Repertoire requirements are the same for 1st and 2nd module applicants.

Chord instruments (e.g. keyboard and guitar), bass, and percussion applicants must demonstrate soloist and accompanist skills in all audition rounds.

Audition Accompaniment

The Academy provides an "in-house" rhythm section for those invited to audition. For the 1st round of auditions, you must play with the Academy's audition band. If you qualify, it is recommended that you also play with the "in-house" band in the 3rd round.

Auditioning with your band

In the 3rd round of auditions, it is possible to play with your own backing group. Carefully study the conditions for audition backing groups.

Audition Repertoire

Chosen programme

Prepare a programme of 15-20 minutes for the audition. You are encouraged to select the pieces that you best enjoy playing, regardless of genre, in order to demonstrate your personal style and musicianship. The programme repertoire may also include your own compositions. Performance applicants must also demonstrate improvisation skills within this programme.

Submit sheet music (e.g. melody line with chords) and (if you wish) audio recordings for the Academy's audition band which will be accompanying you at the audition. Recordings must be submitted in mp3 format. Ensure that the music is easily legible. Both recordings and sheet music should be uploaded in SøknadsWeb.

Additional assessments

In addition to performing your audition programme, you may be asked to demonstrate improvisation, imitation, rhythm, and aural skills, at the audition panel's discretion and request.

Quick study

Performance applicants must complete a). Music Education applicants may choose either a) or b).

a) Create a mini-composition or improvisation from one or more of the following elements: motive - chord sequence - melody - rhythmic pattern - structural description.

b) Create a simple arrangement of a melody with chord progression provided.

The quick study test can be taken solo or together with one or more other instruments from the available rhythm section (piano, bass, drums).

Prima vista / sight-reading

You will be required to reproduce a melody and possibly a chord sequence / rhythmic pattern from written music.

Audition accompaniment with your backing group

For the 1st round of auditions, you must play with the Academy's audition band. Part of the repertoire can be performed solo.

In the 3rd round of auditions, it is possible to play with your own backing group. This group must have no more than five members, including the applicant. It is your responsibility to cover any expenses for the backing group's participation at your audition.

The Academy will provide the loan of the following equipment for audition bands/backing groups:

  • bass amplifier
  • guitar amplifier
  • piano
  • drum kit
  • PA with microphones

If you decide to bring your own backing group, you will not be able to bring private amplifiers or drum kit(s). Time for rigging is minimal and there will be no opportunity for soundchecks. We therefore recommend that you prepare a simple a set-up. Please note that no special accommodations or alterations will be made to the audition schedules. If your backing group cannot participate at the time of your audition, you must play with the Academy's audition band.

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Last updated: 15. October 2019