The Ingar Dobloug Foundation Scholarship

Scholarship for 2017 announced.

Application deadline: 6 October 2017

The next audition is Saturday 4 November in Sandvoldsalen at the Norwegian Academy of Music.

Students who apply and audition in 2017 can receive a scholarship starting fall semester 2018. The scholarship can be granted to students within the classical genre.

Only two student groups can apply:

How to apply:

Application form for 2017 (in Norwegian)

Important to note:

  • All applicants must include a DVD with footage of themselves that documents skills and level
  • If the number of applicants is greater than the number of auditions the Academy can accommodate, the DVDs will be used to determine which applicants are called to audition
  • Applicants may apply for the exchange scholarship to any country. If the institution has not been approved previously, a scholarship can be given conditionally, awaiting approval .
  • Note that receiving the Ingar Dobloug Foundation scholarship on the basis of audition does not grant admission to any institution. Only the respective institutions can grant admission, and applicants are responsible for the application process in its entirety. Applicants found qualified for the scholarship will receive a certification that can be submitted with their application to the institution.
  • The Ingar Dobloug Foundation is developing new guidelines that correspond with the requirements of Norwegian residency for support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund. These will be ready and in effect prior to this year's auditions in October, and applies to all scholarship recipients as of 2014.

Contact: The Ingar Dobloug Foundation

Last updated: 28. August 2017