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Christmas Concert – Recomposed Christmas with Erlend and the Jazz Composers

We offer a whole bunch of instruments, as well as the opportunity to sing along with the melody of an infamous, Norwegian Christmas song: Welcome to the big band Christmas concert at the Norwegian Academy of Music.



  • Ingrid Steinkopf (flute, piano)
  • Amalie Dahl (soprano, alto and barytone saxophone)
  • Maria Dybbroe (alto and barytone saxophone)
  • Luis Verde (alto saxophone and flute)
  • Elisabeth Lid Trøen (tenor saxophone, flute and alto flute)
  • Lukas Zabulionis (tenor and soprano saxophone)
  • Jon Martin Vinje: (tenor saxophone and recorder)
  • Matthias Sigurdsson (clarinet and bass clarinet)
  • David Hveem (bass guitar, barytone saxophone and bass clarinet)
  • Anders Skjerdal (trumpet, flugelhorn and Eb trumpet)
  • Adrian Barstad Andresen (trumpet, flugelhorn and goat horn)
  • Alexander Aarøen Pedersen (piano, keys)
  • Martin Tvedten (synth, organ and celesta)
  • Julian Søderberg (guitar and bass guitar)
  • Olav Andreas Abildgaard (drums and rap)
  • Johan Bjørklund (drums and glockenspiel)
  • Knut Kippersund Nesdal og Peter André Estdahl (vocal)
  • Erlend Skomsvoll (conductor)

Published: Nov 11, 2021 — Last updated: Nov 29, 2021