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Ensemble Koryfe

Welcome to Ensemble Koryfe's second concert, with music by Schomers, Nørbech, Storsveen and Steen-Andersen.


  • Elias Schomers: Jenga Tower Made of Cheese
  • Simon Steen-Andersen: Drownwards
  • Toralf Nørbech: Stipling
  • Fredrik Storsveen: Peeking & Humming I and Peeking & Humming II


  • Eivind Holmboe Leifsen
  • Jonas Evenstad
  • Tomas Laukvik Nannestad
  • Sunniva Norberg
  • Andrine Erdal

Curated by

  • Tomas Laukvik Nannestad
  • Benjamin Knutsen
  • Martin Korssletten

The concert is funded by CEMPE.

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Published: Mar 8, 2023 — Last updated: Mar 9, 2023