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Ingar Zach – The Vibrating Drum II

Percussionist Ingar Zach invites audiences to dive into his sonic bath of vibrating drums.

Ariele Monti


Ingar Zach’s research project takes on a slightly different form when he invites and collaborates with the two percussionists Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen and Jennifer Torrence. The three musicians will present two pieces; a new version of Ingar Zach’s composition «Let the snare speak», for three snare drums with vibrating speakers and electronics and a co-creation between the three musicians using three orchestral bass drums with vibrating bass shakers.

The Vibrating Drum

The urge of exploring new ways of approaching the instrument is the major driving force for an improvising musician. In percussionist Ingar Zach's case it is a natural need and a responsibility to search for alternative techniques and possibilities of sound on his instrument.

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Published: Sep 20, 2021 — Last updated: Oct 22, 2021