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Intermezzo – music by Trygve Madsen + double CD release

We offer solo and chamber music from Trygve Madsen's portfolio, performed by a diverse ensemble.

Thore Hansen

Welcome to a concert with works by the colourful and humourous composer Trygve Madsen. Audiences will hear pieces written during his teenage years, throughout a long life as a musician and until today. The programme offers romances, variations, preludes, movements from sonatas and much more. All audiences will be gifted a double celebratory CD containing some of the best music from 58 previous records and live performances, featuring some of the world's leading musicians. The selection reflects that Trygve chose the piano as his companion early on, but you will also find music for horn, oboe, saxophones, voice, tuba, guitar, organ, trumpet, clarinet and symphonic music.


  • The Dream of the Rhinoceros for horn solo, Op. 92, with Marinette Tonning-Olsen (horn)
  • Two Songs to Words by Sigbjørn Obstfelder (Regn, Op. 8 No. 3 and Salme, Op. 8 No. 1), with Magnus Staveland (voice) and Magne Fossum Løvdal (piano)
  • Sonata for violin and piano, Op. 124, mvt 1, with Bjarne Magnus Jensen (violin) and Jens Harald Bratlie (piano)
  • Preludium No. 2 from 5 Preludes for guitar Op. 76 and Embrace to Trygve (composed by Frode Barth), with Frode Barth (guitar)
  • A Piece for Peace, with Bjarne Magnus Jensen (violin) and Magne Fossum Løvdal (piano)


  • The Parrot and the Nun for cello solo, with Inga Grytås Byrkjeland (cello)
  • Suite for flute and piano Op 2, with Torun Torbo (flute) and Magne Fossum Løvdal (piano)
  • Songs to words by Christina Rossetti (from The Antique, Op. 13 No. 2) and two songs to words by André Bjerke (Nattergalens sang, Op. 6, No. 4 and Død mann rider Op. 6, No. 1), with Magnus Staveland (voice) and Magne Fossum Løvdal (piano)
  • Variations and fugue over a theme by Beethoven Op. 28, with Jens Harald Bratlie (piano)
  • De fire riker for oboe solo Op. 41, with João Miguel (oboe)

Published: Dec 13, 2021 — Last updated: Jan 28, 2022